Stairways & Landings

Stair Installation, Railing Replacement, and Stairway & Landing Repair

As discussed in other parts of our Website, CP&M is experienced and qualified to replace all types of stair systems. We have done complete systems including concrete, steel stringers, steps and rails as well as simple deck to ground replacements. This is an arena where many firms claim to have experience, but it is the entire system that makes stairs work, not just the sum of its components. It is also critical to know what elements or issues are causing problems. It may be old age, but often it is poor drainage or another issue.

For, instance, in a garden level building what will be the drainage method for the level that is below grade. We have created systems that drained through crawl spaces or created drywells to absorb water. Often the concrete bases must be structural to insure stability. We can and often do engage engineers to look at this for our clients. Materials used to build the stairs must be compatible. If wood and concrete are used, the wood must be decay resistant or treated. These are just some of the things that come to play as s stair system is analyzed both before and during replacement.