Professional Services

Legal Review/Counsel – In House $195.00/hr
Principal $150.00/hr
Director $125.00/hr
Assistant $75.00/hr
Clerical $55.00/hr
Specialty (Engineering Services) Cost + 15%

Field Services

Project Manager $85.00/hr
Superintendent/Foreman $75.00/hr
Crew Labor – 2 man $95.00/hr
Crew Labor – 1 man $50.00/hr
*Hourly rates for crew labor include use of truck and vehicle expenses. Materials utilized in the field are billed according to established BMP rates or as bid per a project specific scope of work. Repair or maintenance materials used outside of the standard BMP’s will be billed at cost plus 10%.
Inspections $50.00/visit
*As part of SWMP Permit Compliance includes report preparation. If required, repair work will be done at the hourly and material rates provided.
Minimum Trip Charge $285.00
*Not applicable to inspections.

Destructive Testing and Consulting

Laborers $50.00/hr
Carpenters / Drywallers / Stucco $60.00/hr
Plumber / Electricians / HVAC $65.00/hr
Foreman $65.00/hr
Super / Construction Manager $75.00/hr
Tools – Rental Cost plus 10%
Minimum Trip Charge
*Not applicable to inspections.

Unit Pricing for BMP’s

Silt Fence $1.20/lf
Wire Backed Silt Fence $2.35/lf
Straw Wattles 6” $1.70/lf
Straw Wattles 9” $2.35/lf
Inlet Protection (Rock Socks) $8.00/lf
Concrete Washout 20’x30’ $810.00
Tracking Control 20’x50’ $1,140.00
Straw Bales & Stakes $8.50/ea
Straw Erosion Blanket $0.15/sf
Erosion Blanket $0.53/lf
Cutback Curb $1.20/lf
Safety Fence $2.00/lf

Equipment Charges

Skid Steer $75.00/hr
Tandem Dump Truck $75.00/hr
Single Axel Dump Truck $65.00/hr
4300 Gal Water Truck-Kenworth $115.00/hr
D6D Dozer $150.00/hr
Trash Pump $45.00/hr
Concrete Demo Hammer $45.00/hr
Compressor/Generator $55.00/hr
Demo Saw $45.00/hr
Concrete Saws $45.00/hr
Rubber Tire Backhoe $90.00/hr
Mini-Excavator $80.00/hr
Track-Hoe Excavator $165.00/hr
Loader $105.00/hr
Skid Steer w/Broom Attachment or Mower Attachment $125.00/hr
Tractor with Mower $125.00/hr
Walk Behind Trencher $75.00
Vibratory Roller $75.00
PRICING NOTE FOR EQUIPMENT CHARGES: Equipment Charges are subject to change due to market fuel prices; the above charges should be considered as budgetary until a final contract is signed.