Insurance claim reconstruction

When disaster strikes, you need to know that your property is in the hands of a local professional to guide you through the insurance process as well as to ensure that all the repairs are done properly and that the work is backed by a company that will be here long after the storm is gone.

We can work with your disaster relief company to ensure that your buildings and their contents are secured after a storm, and then begin the process of re-construction. Because we are a local contractor with the experience of building multi-family residences in the Denver market, we take that practical experience to the reconstruction of your properties. We stress proper installation, care of your community’s collateral property, and constant contact and information to your property manager, tenants and owners.

Unlike most Storm Chasing Roofing contractors, we are a general contractor and can make sure that all of your collateral damage such as gutters, siding, windows, fences and common interest items get the proper attention they deserve. We will also ensure that you get a warranty that lasts longer than the stream of taillights seen after a large hailstorm heading out of town.

As an Atlas Roofing Products Signature Select roofing contractor we can provide some of the best products and warranties in the Front Range.

Let our experience be your guide on your next storm damaged renovation.